Food program

For a child, receiving education is very important for its development, having food is maybe even more important. That is why we as Mutende are very glad that we can offer, in collaboration with the local government, the children of Agape School one meal per day.

'Studying is much harder with an empty stomach'

The food program is for all students at Agape School.

Mutende helps to realize the food program through donations.

For a few years we are able to support a food program. Because of this program all children of Agape School get at least one meal per day. That is something that is not a given at home. The children can focus much better then when they are in class with hunger. The food is prepared by volunteers from the community. These volunteers participate in the mail as well after preparing it. These volunteers live in poverty themselves and in this way they eat a normal meal on a regular basis as well.

To support this program we need €1500 per year. This sounds like a lot of money but in reality this means that for not even €10 per day all 350 children at Agape School receive a daily meal. Will you help us to prevent these children from being in school while being hungry?

Support the food program

Donate directly and help realize the food program.