Agape School

Agape School is a primary school for AIDS orphans in Mkushi, a town located in central Zambia. The children who go to school here have either lost their father or mother or both. As a result, they cannot pay for government schools and therefore cannot actually receive any education. Agape School was set up by the local community and started in the living room of our contact person, Pastor Rodwell Chilembo, about 13 years ago. Mutende has been involved in this project since 2009 because the local population did not have the means to build a school building. Thanks to Mutende’s support, they were able to build a school building with three classrooms themselves, which has been in use since 2011 and where daily lessons are given by teachers on a voluntary basis. Meanwhile, about 250-300 children go to school every day.

'Help us and ease our burden for the orphans’
Rodwell Chilembo
Agape School

Agape School is located in a small town (Mkushi) in Zambia.

Mutende helps Agape School by paying for building maintenance, access to water and sanitation and by supporting unforeseen costs that the community cannot afford itself.

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